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President’s Memorial Award

This is the third in a series of articles highlighting the major awards in the EMC Society.
The previous two awards covered were (1) The Richard R. Stoddart Award and (2) The Laurence G. Cumming Award. The articles are being run in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the EMC Society which will culminate in a major celebration in 2007.

The most prestigious award given by the Electromagnetic Compatibility Society of the IEEE is the President’s Memorial Award. The purpose of this award is to honor a deceased, eminent member of the EMCS. The award funds a scholarship for graduate study given in memory of the eminent member.
The award is $2000 and a Certificate. Also, reasonable travel expenses (not to exceed $1000) will be provided for the graduate student to attend the presentation. A second award of $1000 may be made 12 months later providing the recipient is still a student, that he or she requests the money, that the award account reserves exceed $20,000, and that the Awards Committee determines that the selection factors are still being met.
The graduate student must be an active EMC student or higher grade member. The student must be enrolled in or be formally accepted for full-time graduate study pursuing an M.S. or Ph.D. degree, with a demonstrated commitment to the field of EMC.
The student must also have endorsements by at least three (3) individuals (two EMC members and one previous or present college instructor) which address technical proficiency and career intentions. Prioritized criteria are (1) commitment to EMC followed by (2) technical excellence.
The award is presented annually at the IEEE International Symposium on EMC.
The surviving spouse or representative of the eminent member is invited to attend the Awards Banquet and their travel expenses are covered. The EMCS President or the surviving spouse or family representative will present the award to the deserving student.
The President also gives the spouse or representative a memento in remembrance of the occasion and in honor of the deceased member’s contribution to the EMCS community.
The award was initially given in 1991 when Fred Nichols, a founder of the EMC Society, was honored after his untimely passing in 1990. Janet O’Neil, our esteemed Newsletter editor, and daughter of Fred Nichols, accepted the award on behalf of her family at the 1991 Cherry Hill EMC symposium. The first year it was given it was actually called the “Founders Award.” The name of the award was then changed to the “Pioneers Award.”
However, in 1992, when the Award was officially recognized by the IEEE Awards Committee and the IEEE Board of Directors; its formal title became the “IEEE EMC Society President’s Memorial Award.”
An endowment was established to fund the award. Endowment contributors included EMACO, Inc.; Eaton Corporation; Chadwick Technology; Ernie and Edna Magyar; Kurt and Alyse Laemmle; Trident Systems; Denis Grisel; EMCO, Inc.; Lindgren RF Enclosures; A.T. Parker, Inc.; Andy Hish Associates; Trice Marketing; R & B Enterprises; Haefely Test Systems; Mrs. Amy Green, Fair-Rite Products Corporation and Electrometrics.
Past winners have included:

2004 – Awarded to Yuxin Feng (in memory of Chris Kendall)
2003 – No award was given
2002 – Awarded to Sharon Hall (in memory of Donald R. Bush)
2001 – No award was given
2000 – Awarded to Ke Wang (in memory of Motohisa Kanda)
1999 – Awarded to Rodolfo Araneo (in memory of Richard B. Schultz)
1998 – Awarded to Min Li
1997 – No award was given
1996 – Awarded to M. Sabrina Sarto (in memory of Dr. James C. Parker, Jr.)
1995 – Awarded to Hao Shi
1994 – No award was given
1993 – Awarded to R. Lee Hill (presented by Mrs. Fred J. Nichols)
1992 – Awarded to Thomas Jerse (in memory of RobertHaislmaier)



The winner of this year’s $100 gift card to Best Buy was Dr. Fidele Moupfouma of Bombardier Aerospace in Canada. Dr. Moupfouma was eligible for this raffle prize as he completed and returned an EMCS survey during the Santa Clara Symposium. The drawing took place on Friday morning, August 13, during the 802.11 Workshop.



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