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Transactions on EMC Editor-in-Chief Flavio Canavero meets his Newsletter counterpart Janet O’Neil at the Santa Clara Symposium.

A Few of My Favorite Things….
Not to Mention Richard R. Stoddart and the Santa Clara Symposium Steering Committee
The Fall issue of the EMC Newsletter is my favorite issue to work on each year. I enjoy seeing the many photos of activities at the annual IEEE EMC Symposium and reading the articles about everything that took place there. It’s a nostalgic time for me to recall all the great symposia I have attended consecutively each year since 1982. They are all unique and different, but they are similar in that they attract the best and brightest EMC engineers in the industry as well as the nicest companions you could ever hope to meet.
Coverage of the Awards Luncheon is my favorite section within my favorite issue. Why? I appreciate the dedication and technical capabilities of the engineers who write the best papers and volunteer a considerable amount of time for the EMC Society. I am inspired by the students who clearly are ecstatic to be recognized by such an illustrious organization. The recipients of the EMC Society’s highest awards never cease to amaze me. And, I get a little emotional each year with the President’s Memorial Award. It’s a great honor to recognize an eminent member of our organization who has passed away while at the same time recognizing the potential of a budding student. No wonder I make sure I have a handkerchief ready at the annual Awards Luncheon. This year’s luncheon was truly unique. There were three standing ovations at the luncheon in recognition of the lifetime, notable accomplishments of Chris Kendall, Norm Violette and Clayton Paul. You can see photos of some of the award recipients and read about the awards presented on pages 43 – 45 of this issue.
You may be interested to know that Andy Marvin, Technical Director York EMC Services Ltd, United Kingdom was part of the team of authors that received the “Best Symposium Paper Award” AND the “IEEE Transactions on EMC Best Paper Award”. I don’t know that anyone else has won both of these significant awards in the same year! Congratulations to Andy Marvin and to all the authors of these papers.
Speaking of EMC Society awards, I received a letter from EMC Newsletter reader Hal Layer, Professor Emeritus of San Francisco State University. He wrote in response to Dan Hoolihan’s article on the history of the Richard R. Stoddart Award (Spring 2004), one of the EMC Society’s most prestigious awards. Professor Layer was inspired by this “extraordinary EMC engineer” and several years ago created a website about the Stoddart Company. Visit http://online.sfsu.edu/~hl/src.html. Mr. Hoolihan’s article on Richard R. Stoddart was added to the bibliography. I encourage you to take a look at the site.
I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I did the past couple of weeks in putting it together. Many thanks once again to our EMC Society photographer Ken Wyatt for his work on the cover photo and for the excellent coverage of the Santa Clara Symposium. In closing, hats off to the Santa Clara Symposium Steering Committee for providing the membership with yet another outstanding EMC Symposium. I appreciate their work that ensured the annual Fall Issue continued this year to be my favorite issue. EMC

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