Scenes from the Chapter Chair Luncheon
Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Boston, Massachusetts


Comparing notes on chapter activities are (clockwise from left) Jose Perini, Angel to the South Brazil Chapter, Bruce Crain, immediate past Chairman of the Melbourne Chapter, Irina Kasperovich (partially hidden), Chairman of the Mohawk Valley Chapter, Andy Drozd, immediate past Chairman of the Mohawk Valley Chapter, Benoît Nadeau, Chairman of the Montréal Chapter, Dan Hoolihan, representing the Twin Cities Chapter, Warren Kesselman, Treasurer of the EMC Society, and Carlos Sartori, Chairman of the South Brazil Chapter.

Chapter Chairs representing a wide diversity of areas included (from left) John Clarke, Chairman of the Central New England Chapter, Bob Berkovits, Chairman of the Baltimore-Annapolis Chapter, Elya Joffe representing the Israel Chapter, Susan Schneiderman of IEEE Media, Tom Winegar representing the Santa Clara Valley Chapter, Joe Butler, Angel for the Central New England Chapter, and Harry Gaul, Chairman of the Phoenix Chapter.

Ghery Pettit, EMCS Chapters Coordinator, calls the annual Chapter Chair Luncheon to order and presents the agenda. Included on the agenda was a discussion of the “Angel” program. Did you know the “Angel” program provides funds to Chapters? These can be used for the purchase an LCD projector, to pay for a special speaker’s travel costs, etc. Mr. Pettit encouraged Chapter Chairs to contact their “Angel” to inquire further about this EMCS sponsored program. Angels are identified in the EMCS Directory.

Several Chapter Chairs convened in Boston to represent the International Chapters of the EMC Society, including (seated from left) Jan Carlsson, Chairman of the Sweden Chapter, Risaboro Sato, Chairman of the Sendai Chapter, Yoshio Kami, Chairman of the Japan Chapter, and Jan Luiken ter Haseborg representing the German Chapter. Standing from left are Johan Catrysse, Chairman of the Benelux Chapter, Carlos Sartori, Chairman of the South Brazil Chapter, Ruediger Vahldieck, Chairman of the Switzerland Chapter, and Benoît Nadeau, Chairman of the Montréal Chapter. Currently the EMC Society has 56 Chapters, 25 of which are outside the United States.

Part of the agenda for the Chapter Chair Luncheon includes an informal presentation by each chapter on their respective activities. These presentations are a great way for chapters to network and get new ideas for speakers and programs. Janet O’Neil of the Seattle Chapter (standing right) gives her presentation. Waiting to take their turn at the table to her right are (clockwise from top right), Malcolm Mulcare, Lee Hill, Chairman of the EMCS Distinguished Lecturer Program, Jim Blaha, Chairman of the Milwaukee Chapter, Ray Klouda, Chairman of the Chicago Chapter, Todd Robinson, Associate Editor for the EMC Newsletter’s Chapter Chatter column, and Scott Lytle, Chairman of the SE Michigan Chapter. During his report, Todd Robinson thanked the Chapter Chairs present for their contributions to his EMC Newsletter column and encouraged all chapters who have not done so to start contributing material to the column (please send to

Malcolm Mulcare came all the way to Boston to share information about the EMC Society of Australia at the Chapter Chair Luncheon.

Todd Hubing, President of the EMC Society, thanks the chapter chairs present at the annual luncheon for their excellent work in providing regional EMC education to their respective chapter members.

The US West Coast was well represented at the Chapter Chair Luncheon by (from left) David Britton of the Oregon and SW Washington Chapter, Derick Skouby, Chairman of the Oregon and SW Washington Chapter, Henry Benitez, immediate past Chairman of the Oregon and SW Washington Chapter, Mark Frankfurth, Chairman of the San Diego Chapter, Charles Grasso, Vice Chair of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, Kanaiya Mahendra of the Los Angeles Chapter, and Janet O’Neil, immediate past Chairman of the Seattle Chapter.



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